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Our Marina

Our marina has 48 docks with boats up to 25 feet in length (engine included).  Located on the popular Hillsboro Canal that separates the city from Deerfield Beach and Boca Raton, our boaters have access to either the inner canals, more than 4,800 km away, to navigate as they please or directly to the ocean. 

Within minutes you will be navigating on canals that allow you to admire breathtaking residences, to make a stopover at a restaurant with docks for visitors to enjoy a meal with an amazing scenari or even allows you to go on the Atlantic Ocean.

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Devenir Membre

Our residents are given priority to become members of the marina. However, we accept non-resident members to the extent possible and additional fees apply.

Becoming a Member
Channel 16

For emergency and safety use only or hail a boat:
(Calling with a loud voice and away from the sailors, a boat or a ship, often using a voice carrier)

Channel 9

To hail a boat, recreational boats only. 
(Hail: Calling with a loud voice and by gesture away from the sailors, a boat, or a ship, often using a voice carrier)

Channel 13

Use to request a bridge to open. Channel 67 is also used in some areas.

Channel 22
Coat Guard

Channel reserved for the Coast Guard, this channel is where the security broadcasts are made after they alerted you on channel 16 and asked you to switch to that channel.

Channel 70

Digital Selective Calling (DSC) channel: (The DSC is an automated distress system that will also allow us to make digital telephone calls on our VHF in the near future).

Channel 6

Channel reserved for safety communications between ships and authorities on land.

Channels 68-69-71-72 and 78A

Dedicated channels for recreational operations.

Channels 24,25,26,27,28,84,85,86 and 87

Dedicated channels for marine operators. 
(Boaters are prohibited from using these channels).

Channels 1, 7A, 8, 10, 11, 18A, 19A, 63, 77, 79A, 80A and 88A

Commercial channels. (Boaters are prohibited from using these canals).

Channels 1, 5, 12, 14, 20, 63, 65A, 66A, 73, 74 and 77

For port operations. (Many are used by pleasure craft in areas where there are no port operations.)


Boca Lake / Boater's paradis

Deerfield Beach / The nicest places for boaters


Daily Tides  / Hillsboro Canal Inlet


    The 95 Bridge clearance                  

Hillsboro Canal

High Tide : 8'8''  

Low Tide : 11"                

* 2 weeks in November : the water is 3' higher.

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