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For over 40 years he owned a plumbing and heating business. Managing 15 employees with 10 service trucks for his own company, Jean-Guy takes the role of Director/ Vice President within the Corporation ''Des Maîtres Mécaniciens du Québec '' with more than 2,500 members for 7 years.

Always so active, he became Director of the ''Longueuil Nautical Club'' for 6 years and in the evening taught at ''The Quebec School of Building Trades'' in Plumbing, heating and reading of mechanical plumbing plans for two consecutive years.

Jean-Guy has always been involved in various committees, particularly Pine Tree Park. Given his vast experience, the sprinkler system, piping and electrical control was entirely orchestrated by him with several volunteers who will take 6 years.

And what about the project of the wall on Alamanda Lane, Jean-Guy is just as involved and now leads the project of domestic water lines.

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Jean-Guy Gravel


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